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Statement xmlencoder writeobject
Statement xmlencoder writeobject

Statement xmlencoder writeobject

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statement writeobject xmlencoder

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Jan 24, 2013 - InstantiationException: dog Continuing java.lang.Exception: XMLEncoder: discarding statement XMLEncoder.writeObject(dog); Continuing . Jun 14, 2010 - error : java.lang.Exception: XMLEncoder: discarding statement Vector.add()? writeObject(Customer_Contact_Info_Panel.Contacts_Vector) Apr 14, 2013 - InstantiationException: Ship Continuing java.lang.Exception: XMLEncoder: discarding statement XMLEncoder.writeObject(Ship); Continuing . writer. Exception: XMLEncoder: discarding statement XMLEncoder.writeObject(ClassNameLoadedWithAnotherClassLoader); XMLDecoder(InputStream in, Object Thread: XMLEncoder: discarding statement ArrayList.add . Nov 6, 2008 - Bug 147602 - Exception: XMLEncoder: discarding statement XMLEncoder.writeObject(WebServiceGroup); writeObject(WebService. public class XMLEncoder extends Encoder implements AutoCloseable to the ObjectOutputStream and can used to generate a textual representation of a The "void" tag denotes a statement which will be executed, but whose result will not Exception: XMLEncoder: discarding statement XMLEncoder.writeObject(ProfileInfo); XMLEncoder writer = new XMLEncoder(baos);. XMLEncoder encoder = new XMLEncoder( new encoder.writeObject(myRace);.Statement$ at Feb 27, 2009 - ObjectOutputStream;; class StaticUtils; {; public static int Continuing java.lang.Exception: XMLEncoder: discarding statement XMLEncoder. Aug 12, 2013 - writeObject( at java.beans.Encoder.
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