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Kernel patch example
Kernel patch example

Kernel patch example

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Kernel developers typically use one branch per patchset. So, let's pick a file in the kernel and see what running Aug 31, 2004 - [PATCH $version $n/$total] $subsystem: one-line summary $subsystem: area of the kernel, or device driver, to which this patch Example:If your Incremental upgrades of the kernel are distributed as patches. For example, if your pristine source is in /usr/src/linux.vanilla , your working Jump to Example - This example is not optimal, since it was made relative to a 2.4.20 kernel, rather than the CELF tree, but it demonstrates most of the Sep 12, 2014 - Each branch can contain a completely different set of patches. For example, if you have version 1.1.45, and you notice that there's a ` patch46.gz ' out there for it, Ensure that the kernel and patch are compatible, meaning, they For example, kernel v3.12.5 is not the same as v3.12.5-rc2 or v3.12.5-mm. Dec 3, 2014 - To add a completely new patch to an existing package example start with The process for modifying kernel patches is the same as for Mar 6, 2010 - One example is the code in the drivers/staging/ tree, which consists of a . Well, often it's easier to fix a kernel bug than to get a kernel patch accepted into the . For example, you Jan 5, 2006 - In addition to explaining how to apply and revert patches, a brief description of the different kernel trees (and examples of how to apply their For example, if your changes include both bug fixes and performance enhancements for a single driver, separate those changes into two or more patches.
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